Let The Sparks Fly

Duncan Chamberlain, Artist

Duncan Chamberlain, ArtistGenerally, I use what I have on hand, material wise. My father left me a big roll of aluminum that we never used in his studio. I make a variety of parts from this aluminum and once I have a good selection, I start putting them together. Sometimes they speak to me right away and other times they have to rest and wait for just the right part to appear.

I like to find that delicate balance where all the parts are in harmony with one another. I also try to give each side a different look so that the piece changes from every viewpoint. One piece can look like many.

I don’t like to explain my sculpture. Each viewer is different and will have her own take on it. Plus, what’s to explain?

I will say that the small tabletop sculptures remind me of futuristic architecture or even ancient rock formations. It’s not what I necessarily try to achieve, but sometimes that’s what I see.

The larger sculptures are also a selection of parts, brought together to form a whole. Occasionally I will get a thought, sketch out something and go from there as i did with “Eagy’s Nest” and “Puckered Porthole.” I made little drawings for those – really more like doodles!

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